Best Horror Movies of 2012-13

Okay y’all, I just have to say right now that I’m an avid horror movie fan. I can’t really explain why, but it’s just something about nearly crapping my pants or having nightmares in my sleep that is exciting! Whenever theres a promo for a new scary movie hitting the big screen, you can believe that I’m already planning to go see it with a friend or two. The new upcoming horror film, You’re Next, has caught my attention. Who else is going to go see it?!


Spooky, huh? I can’t wait to start the paranoia, I’m super excited! So before going to see this, I just wanted to make a list of the best horror films I’ve seen between 2012-13. To start the list off, I have to do it right and mention The Cabin in the Woods. I have to say I really enjoyed this film. I can’t really say that I’ve seen many films like it that combined the right amount of humor with gore. The film was even novelized into a book. Click on the images to view the trailers for yourself!


Two films that I really enjoyed were Insidious and Sinister. With such ominous single word titles, these two films had me checking behind my back in the dark and looking for things in pictures I did not want to see. I even rewatched Insidious with my sister just for a thrill  to see if it still scared me. There is just something about ghost and demons films that slasher films can’t really give you, ya know?


 The next film on my “bring a friend to squeeze their hand” list is The Evil Dead. I know that this film was a remake or maybe even a reinvention of the 80s film. I guess I could kind of compare this film to The Cabin in the Woods in terms of gore and funniness, or maybe it was just my audience in the theater at the time that influenced the laughter. But, whatever the case, this movie was one hell of a shockfest. I don’t know how else to describe this film besides disgustingly beautiful!


The last film on my list would have to be The Conjuring. Y’all, this movie was no joke at all. It definitely brought the horror. Apparently this film is based on the actual cases that were investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, real paranormal investigators. Not only was the film creepy, but the fact that it was based on something that occurred leaves one to think, well, I don’t know……



3 thoughts on “Best Horror Movies of 2012-13

  1. I thought Sinister was going to be AHHHMAZING! Talk about a let down… Some horror movies are just too slow for me but I consider myself a huge fan. This post convinced me to see The Conjuring, even though my gut instinct tells me it won’t make me flinch.

  2. Sinister did nothing for you? Seriously!
    I guess I would have to ask you what horror movie has ever scared you?
    Sinister freaked me out completely so I’m anxious to hear what films scared you.

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